Our Services

  International Logistics

Metafoods logistics team offers a one-stop in house solution to your domestic and international shipping needs. Our experienced professionals provide hands on point to point logistics services for all transportation modes while making sure your product's integrity is maintained through the entire shipping process. Whether by air, ocean container, rail or truck; Metafoods logistics team will handle every aspect of your shipment. Our service contracts with air, ocean, rail and trucking companies insure top quality carriers at competitive rates and assistance at destination in receiving your cargo.

Meatfoods can arrange the following according to your needs:

  • USDA meat and poultry inspection
  • USDC inspection for seafood
  • Veritas and SGS inspection
  • Pre-shipment survey for quantity, quality, and item verification
  • Stamping, labeling, specialized packing and loading plans customized to your needs
  • Customs clearance, delivery, and warehousing for your imports into the USA

Metafoods logistics provides for each shipment:

  • Supplier product release and inspection instructions
  • Loading instructions
  • Pre-shipment notification for your approval
  • Shipping advice
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Bill of lading instructions

  On Time Delivery