Our Company is...

MetaFoods LLC was founded in 1997 in Atlanta GA with one goal in mind - to create long term, mutually profitable relationships by providing our business partners with the highest level of products and services. We are an industry leader in the global movement of the finest beef, pork, poultry and seafood. But expect more than just commodities - we also distribute complimentary products such as pastries, food ingredients, dairy, frozen baked goods, desserts, vegetables and other Hotel Restaurant Industry items.

"Your success is our success. Our business is people. See the world through our vision."

Our People

Metafoods is comprised of a talented group of professionals that provide creative and innovative solutions to meet the needs of all our business partners. Our trading teams specialize in product specifications and providing valuable market information. We pride ourselves on reliability, knowledge and trading integrity as we continue to build upon decades of customer service.